Better Care



In 2006, with support from the Chicago Bar Foundation, ICBC published SMARTCARE, a guide for getting better nursing home care for residents of Illinois nursing homes. We have now updated the material in SMARTCARE, and are making it available to you on our website. The material is organized in the order you are likely to need it. We start with what you need to know and do before a resident moves in, then with what to expect on the first day, and then with issues that arise later.


2.  SMARTCARE Checklist

The SMARTCARE checklist for people newly entering a nursing home,  reflects many of the suggestions in SMARTCARE about what to do before someone enters a nursing home, and right after she enters.


3. Useful Fact Sheets

ICBC has created fact sheets for families and friends who are trying to help a nursing home resident.  These fact sheets are used by the state and local ombudsman programs.  We have also sharing with you, informational materials from other organizations.


4. Minimum Staffing

The 2010 Illinois nursing home reform law requires substantially increases minimum nursing staff requirements in Illinois nursing homes.   Read more    
The Illinois Department on Aging publishes a short description of residents' rights that the nursing home is supposed to give to every resident and the resident's family when the person first moves in, and annually afterward.  You can read the residents' rights brochure here.