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ICBC provides resources on our website and services to residents and families at no charge.  That is because the people who support us believe that every person in long term care has the right to quality care and a decent life.  

We think you will not find the quality and depth of information we are sharing with you, anyplace else.  If you agree -- if you have found our information helpful -- then please pass on the help we have given you, to somebody else.  Please make a tax-deductible donation to enable us to help the next person, as the people who came before you have helped you.   


Help us support families who do not know where else to turn.

Help us organize the family councils that can speak for residents who can no longer speak for themselves.

Help us give residents and their families the tools they need to advocate for themselves.

Help us remain Illinois’s number one voice for nursing home and other long-term care residents.


You can help us by becoming a member of ICBC , making a non member financial donation or  volunteering.