ICBC does not recommend particular nursing homes, but we can help you through the process of making a decision.  We don't get any funding from nursing homes, so you don't have to be concerned that we will steer you to places that pay us for referrals.

 ICBC has a unique nursing home database we use to help people who need help finding a nursing home.  The database includes information about whether each nursing home accepts people directly on Medicaid (or requires some period of private pay,) or has a waiting list.  It tracks services each nursing home provides (for example, ventilator care, dialysis, specialized Alzheimer’s/dementia care.)  It also has a wealth of information about issues that matter to people, even if they haven’t thought about them as they are making their search.  So we have information about religious services, about the smoking policy, about what kind of access residents have to telephones and wi-fi, about what possessions a resident can bring, if there is locked storage in residents’ rooms, if residents can bring pets or have pets visit. If you need help finding a nursing home, or narrowing down your choices, you can call us at 312-663-5120.

In addition to helping people who are looking for a nursing home, we can help you consider alternatives to nursing home care, including whether, if someone does need nursing home care now, that care can be short-term rather than permanent.  And if you you are having trouble getting good care for somebody, you can call us for help. As we describe elsewhere on this website, we can help you start a family council, work with an existing family council to make it stronger, and do various kinds of community education programs on issues related to long-term care.