Benefits of a Family Council

For The Family

  • Orientation, support, and information for the families of new residents 
  • Support and strength drawn from shared experiences 
  • Education and information related to the long-term care system e.g. residents' rights, medicare reimbursement, power of attorney 
  • A means to express concerns and solve problems 
  • Help new residents and families "adjust" to the nursing home environment 
  • A "united voice" to address issues as a "united effort." 
  • Families can be the catalyst for positive actions to improve care 
  • Reduce sense of isolation, helplessness, frustration 
  • Gives family members the opportunity to get to know other family members 

For The Residents

  • Family input into care decisions and facility changes 
  • Council sponsored activities and events to supplement the activity program 
  • Methods to meet individual needs through organized efforts 
  • Support and protection for residents who do not have concerned family or friends 
  • A connection to the community outside the facility 
  • Increased family involvement in nursing home life 
  • Added support for the resident council's concerns and activities 

For The Facility

  • Two-way communication between the home and families 
  • Sounding board for new ideas 
  • Family input to aid staff in problem solving and finding solutions 
  • Support on mutual concerns and goals 
  • Means to know families and residents better, their past experiences, and their likes and dislikes 
  • Help residents express meaningful appreciation for the staff 
  • Permits "in house" resolution of problems, lessening the need for regulatory agencies